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The goals of the party, the Children of Liberty, should be as follows:

  1. Adherence to the Constitution. This is an absolute; once exceptions are made, it will become a slippery slope as we can see with where we are today. Without respect and adherence to the Constitution, there is no solid foundation for the rule of law, as the Constitution is the foundation for all of the laws in our nation. If we let politicians ignore the Constitution, we go from being a nation ruled by law to a nation ruled by the arbitrariness of men, and then there are no longer any constraints on the federal government and what it may do. The Constitution must be read as it is written and as the founding fathers intended. They said what they meant, and they meant what they said. The Constitution only can change through amendments not new “interpretations.” Once we allow the Constitution to be interpreted, then there really are no limits. If the people and the states want it to say something else, we can pass a constitutional amendment. Compromise sounds like something all reasonable people should always be willing to engage in. However, there are some items where there can be no compromise, and the Constitution is one. This will not only be the party of “No” but the party of “Hell No” when it comes to the federal government taking or keeping power that is not granted to it constitutionally.
  2. Limited federal government. We need to restrain the federal government to the powers granted to it specifically and explicitly in the Constitution. The Constitution is how we the people grant powers to the federal government. Without limits, the federal government will dictate to the people the rights they can have, resulting in far less freedom and liberty for all of us. Corruption in the current political parties and their politicians is what drives this thirst for unlimited federal government powers. This party will be structured to avoid entrenched corruption. The goal is to return power to the states and the people.
  3. Fiscal and monetary responsibility. The federal government cannot continue to spend money it does not have and continue to bury the nation in debt. It is bankrupting the nation and its citizens. A return to the gold standard and balanced budget is necessary.
  4. Free-market capitalism. True free-market capitalism as defined by the Austrian school of economics. This nation became the most prosperous in the history of the world due to its philosophy of limiting its federal government and pursuing free-market capitalism, the economic system that most respects individual liberty and private property.
  5. Constitutional judiciary. The judicial branch of the federal government was supposed to defend the Constitution from attacks by the other two branches. We need to appoint justices that will do this.
  6. States powers. Most of the domestic power in the nation was to reside with the states. The founding fathers wanted the power to reside close to the people so they could keep a better eye on their government. This was also so, so that the states could reflect the values and desires of their citizens. Also people could have the opportunity to move freely to states that reflected their values.
  7. Individual liberty and private property. This party’s focus is to limit the federal government’s role to its constitutional authorities. This in turn will ensure that our liberties are restored and maintained. Maximizing individual liberty was the primary goal of the founding fathers, and that will also be the goal for this party. Private property is a critical aspect of individual liberty as well as an essential component of capitalism.
  8. Strong national security and constitutionally principled foreign policy. This is the primary constitutional responsibility of the federal government. National security policy needs to be strong and clear. Our national security and foreign policies should follow the same constitutional philosophy of our founding fathers.

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