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One large difference with existing third parties will be one of focus. They tend to federalize issues that are not within the federal government’s constitutional authority to address while ignoring the intended role of the states. All issues that the federal government does not have constitutional authorization to address need to remain in the domain of the states or the individual. Federalizing issues is a natural tendency when a political party has politicians at the state and local levels. With state and local politicians, the party must take a stance on these various issues. Once an official party stance is taken, the natural inclination is to want to resolve these issues in the desired manner at the federal level. It is after all easier to fight one battle and win rather than fight fifty battles. If the party wins at the federal level, the party gets its position implemented in all of the states at one time. The special interest groups also prefer to fight on issues at the federal level for the same reason. Federalizing issues is the exact opposite of what the founding fathers wanted to happen and of what this party aims to accomplish.

The Children of Liberty would keep its focus strictly on federal issues. It would only run candidates to the federal government and would not run any candidates to state or local offices. In many ways, the Children of Liberty will be the anti-political party. Instead of taking a position and getting involved in every conceivable issue, the party will only take a stance on issues that the Constitution has authorized the federal government powers. This singular focus on only federal issues will allow the party to successfully restore the constitutional limits on the federal government and return all other power back to the states and the people where the founding fathers meant for it to be. No other party is designed to successfully accomplish this.

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