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Other Third Parties


Most current third parties are not committed to the Constitution and a limited federal government. The few that declare their support for the Constitution remain flawed in several ways:

  • They support the federalizing of state and local issues, particularly social issues, which the Constitution has not authorized. Further, they support a one-size-fits-all policy instead of allowing the fifty states to develop their own unique solutions that reflect the desires and values of their citizens. As chapter eight discussed, there are many advantages to allowing the states to develop different solutions.
  • They fall short of calling for the total elimination of all federal government programs and agencies that are not authorized by the Constitution.
  • They maintain an isolationist immigration or foreign policy.
  • They are bureaucratic organizations that have not been effective at developing a third party to challenge the Democratic and Republican parties.

In addition to these issues, the Children of Liberty will be fundamentally different from other third parties in its focus and structure.

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