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Fear + Dependence = Power

The Democrats and Republicans use a combination of fear and dependence to keep the people loyal to them and the system they have created. This is important in understanding how the main political parties operate and succeed.

They want to use human nature, the fear of the unknown future, against the people. The political parties falsely promise that they can solve any issue that is causing the fear and make it go away if only the people give them more power and become more dependent on the federal government.

Both of the political parties consistently use fear to intimidate the people. Every time there is a crisis, usually caused in large part by the federal government itself, the political parties use it as an opportunity to scare the people into letting them grow the federal government and increase their power even more.

Every time the federal government uses fear, it is to persuade the people into giving up their freedoms and liberties. The greatest fear the people should have today is from their own federal government.

This nation was founded on the belief that all individuals should enjoy liberty and be free from government intrusion. The less responsible individuals are for themselves the less free they are. The people have been lulled into complacency while the federal government has taken many of our freedoms and liberties away. As we allow ourselves to become more dependent on the federal government, we trade away our liberty, and that is a bad trade.



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